Monday, January 14, 1991

Correspondence: January 14, 1991

Porter Corners, NY

Dear Joint Chiefs of Staff

Please excuse Bob from the war, as he is not feeling well today. He has been coming down with this illness for some time and I’m afraid that the desert air would only exacerbate his condition. I’d hate for him to infect the other soldiers, for I know how difficult it is to kill when one’s head is stuffy. I think it wise to keep him home near indoor plumbing until he is quite recovered. As soon as he is well I’ll send him right along.

Bob’s Mom

So ... think it will work?

I’ve been hearing about the draft all day, and it frightens me. Fortunately I am on the upper end of the age limitation. They’ll take the kids born in 1971 first, and I guess they wouldn’t get to me until all the young people are used up. We 25 year olds will be safe for a while. …

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