Monday, June 22, 1992

Correspondence: June 22, 1992

* * * * * *
Das Katzenschtuffe will be in front of the dresser, next to the bed. I’m getting ready ... to clean die Katzenskratchenhaus so you can take it, too. Das Skieneattz will be in a clear plastic jug. I hope das Skiaittennza will be das Guderkittennz during her stay mit youse. Thank you incrediboobably much for taking care of Fraulein Skiakittennza ... I know of no one else I would trust with her quite so much. — Alan
* * * * * *

Subject: Gettenzie Kattenza
Sent on: 06/22 at 06:17 PM

Herr Alan,

Lettenzie knoe ven du arribst und ve kanst organizarung der exchangen der katten. Das Skiaenkatz awaitzen mit sharpenklaus und herrenbals. Mein haus ist herren haus, oder Ich bin thinken zie missenmuch der kittenkatz; missen der schnuglfurz und der pointenearz. Ich schleepen acht- oder neun-uhr, so kommen oder kallen zie early. Utherwise, on workendreiv Ich bringen der ballenfurz. Ich hopenzie hadd ein gut tiem.

Der Freunden, Herr R.C. Kaiser

Saturday, February 29, 1992

Correspondence: February 29, 1992

To Roger, Executive Editor, TVData

I was indeed distressed upon reading your memo of February 25 regarding the workload of the syndication editors. I was distressed not at the casual dismissal of an Atlanta editor’s worklist or the derision of all southerners which it implied, but at the fact that your premise was contrary to the principles of TVData and the lofty ideals to which it aspires.

Your consideration for the syndication editors is laudable, however I think you have lost sight of our objective. The reason that TVData has been the leading source of TV information for more than two decades is because we have concentrated on one goal: to provide the most accurate, well-written and informative TV listings possible. We have one of the largest staffs of information gathering editors anywhere, continually updating and improving our extensive database. I am proud to be a part of such an experienced staff of individuals dedicated to quality listings and superior service.

The plight of the syndication editors deserves consideration, certainly. But so, I believe, do the wishes of Jim D—, the client for whom I have been requesting advance information. One of Jim’s major concerns is that he be provided the most up-to-date information for the Nashville Cable Guide. John C— echoed this sentiment when he said, “I must be able to trust that the information I’m looking at is the most current available.” I am not eager to violate this trust. I can sympathize with my friends in NPI, but the integrity of the product is at stake, and I will continue to pursue all avenues available to provide the level of service which the client expects and deserves. I refuse to compromise on quality.

I have been exploring new means of obtaining advance syndication information. My new friend, Tony G—, has been most cooperative in this regard. He has, for instance, supplied me with Cosby numbers for the entire month of April. I would consider making them available to Ann and Cindy upon request.

Experience. Accuracy. Leadership. That’s my commitment.

cc: ... Charles Scripps; Jack Howard ...

Thursday, February 6, 1992

Correspondence: February 6, 1992

To Roger, Executive Editor, TVData

Hey, thanks for the cool card! When I came in yesterday and couldn’t find your anniversary greeting in my box, I thought, “Gee, that crazy Rog must really be going all-out this year. What could the Head Cheese have in mind?” Ed K— got a marching band, and I know I mean more to you than Ed K—. Whatever you were planning, it must have cost a pretty penny.

You may ask yourself, “Could I still get respect and performance from the people around me if I weren’t the boss?”1 Of course! You’d have my respect regardless of the magnitude of your tribute. We both know that building a team that works hard and loves it is one of the most challenging and worthwhile jobs the executive can undertake2, but I’m not worthy of such a sacrifice.

I fretted most of the morning. I couldn’t bear the thought of your spending money you don’t have on me, so I called to tell you that you didn’t have to do anything special. I wanted to tell you to go ahead and save your money and you could make it up to me next year. I see you got my message anyway.

PS- I am enclosing a picture so you won’t forget my face.

1 J.D. Batten, Tough-Minded Management, American Management Association Inc., 1963
2 Ibid.