Tuesday, February 12, 1991

Correspondence: February 11, 1991

— Message Entered on 91-02-11 at 21:58:02 —

To: Aileron
Subject: Will U ever see this?

I have hidden this message here in the (R)ead messages place. Since I am BK Himself, I am not limited to a mere seven lines of text. I could write volumes in this space if I so chose. I hold the fate of millions in my hands, so great is my power. I am the Master of Life and Death — life fairly given and fairly taken.

Of course, I feel my responsibilities keenly. Never would the fortune of my minions be determined by capriciousness or whim. I serve in the best interest of those beneath me in power and influence.

I strive to make their meager existence meaningful in some way. I help them to live, experience Humanity to its fullest potential, so that they will flourish. Those pitiful creatures who exist to serve me must feel the glorious pleasures — and the glorious heartache — of being Alive. They must savor the sweetness of my beneficence before I weary of their antics, a shadow-show of my own life, a life lived to Perfection, and dispatch them without comment or remorse.

So I write this tome unfettered by the restrictions placed on lesser mortals. My greatness cannot be contained in a mere seven lines of text. I must express myself without limitations or reservations. And so it is my pleasure to present this message so that you, and all like you, can revel in my glory. But will you ever see it?

BK Himself,
SysOp and Superior Being

— End of Message —