Friday, July 26, 1991

Pee-Wee Accomplice Arrested

SARASOTA — Sarasota police reported the arrest today of a man alleged to be Pee-Wee Herman’s right-hand man. The man, who calls himself “Cool Hand Duke,” was apprehended while reading the descriptions of adult movies off the backs of video tape boxes in a local video store.

Acting on a tip that Herman had not been working alone, police have been searching the area for several days. “We were lucky to come across him at all,” said the arresting officer, “This is not my usual beat.”

The two men, who share a love of the cinema, have been spotted in area theaters together before. They were recently seen at showings of “Deep Throat,” “A Shot in the Dark” and “Bambi.”

On the night of Herman’s arrest the two men entered the theater during the preview of coming attractions. Mr. Duke allegedly left his seat prior to Herman’s apprehension in order to obtain Milk-Duds and paper towels from the men’s washroom. Although he was not observed committing the crime of which Herman stands accused, authorities are certain that he had a hand in it.

Both men will stand trial in late August. The prosecution is expected to request the maximum penalty — death by exposure. The attorney for the defense, however, is hoping for a hung jury.