Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To Have. And to Hold.

Oh, he liked his romances varied.
For years, a young woman he harried.
A rakish young fellow, made knees turn to Jell-O.
It’s too bad the guy was still married.

“You’re my only true love,” he once told her.
“The sight of you makes my heart smolder.
The thought of your kiss invokes transports of bliss!
From my wife, I get the cold shoulder.”

“Though my marriage is nothing but strife,
I’ll have one more go with my wife.
But if our future’s in doubt, I’ll come try you out.
And you know I commit for life.”

“It’s over — I am no longer wed.
And when everything’s all done and said,
There’s no need for remorse, it’s a happy divorce,
And I’d rather be with you instead.”

“I’m afraid that I’ve changed my mind.
How could I be so stupid and blind?
You were only a fad; my wife’s not that bad,
And our fates are surely entwined.”

“Oh! What a mistake I have made.
You are the one I’ve betrayed!
It’s over … it’s through, because next to you
My wife just can’t make the grade.”

“I don’t know! I just can’t decide.
My One True Love or my bride?
Oh, why can’t I roam — have a wife safe at home
And still keep you on the side?”

“No … it’s you that I want, I am sure,
So lovely and chaste and demure.
I’ll do whatever it takes — my heart, how it aches! —
I am certain our love can endure.”

“I’ll woo you with flowers and song.
You know I can do nothing wrong.
Here’s my plan of attack: you keep coming back,
And I’ll continue to string you along.”

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