Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Haiku

A haiku is too hard to write
And really no fun to recite.
I should stick with this meter,
It’s charming and sweeter
For all that it’s hackneyed and trite.

Who even wants to read a haiku?
They’re boring and all alike, too.
I’ll take up my pen
And try it again,
But I’m afraid this will be my strike two.

I’ll give my haiku one final whirl,
As my poetical sails I unfurl.
But I tell you, my friend,
I’m tacking into the wind …
Still, maybe I’ll come up with a pearl:

Too few syllables …
It’s just not in my nature
Damn thing doesn’t rhyme.

And, here we go!

I can’t even write a haiku
Even one ending in Moo!
I’m doing my best here
To lend you some good cheer
But a limerick is all I can do....

That’s not a bad try
In the middle of the night.
It beats jerking off.

I just can’t do it.
It just works in Japanese;
I’m Indonesian.

Your words speak to me
Of beaches in the moonlight.
Haikus are still lame.

I write them only
To wish others good birthdays
On their Facebook walls.

I’m afraid my friends
Face their birthdays without me.
’Cause I hate people.

Spondee, trochee and
Iambic pentameter
Are superior.

Better than haiku
Unless you read Japanese.
I tell you I don’t.

I gave it my best
In an awkward sort of way
It didn’t say Moo!

Again with the cow!
Let’s put the past behind us
And eat more chikin.

A pair of haikus
Working together as one
Could be of some use
With the right rhyme scheme.
If it could only be done ...
Impossible dream.

1 comment:

Diana Watson, Writer said...

Haikus can be fun
but sometimes they don't make sense