Monday, October 14, 1991

Correspondence: October 14, 1991

To TVData Editorial Staff, Glens Falls, N.Y.

By now y’all may have noticed that my friend Nancy L— from Atlanta is in your office struggling to grasp the fundamentals of copy editing. This is, though I’m only guessing here, a very stressful time in an editor’s life — the blossoming of channel editor into NPI staffer. I’m sure she must be full of trepidation, and to undertake such a spiritual journey in a foreign land bereft of friends and family must wear upon her greatly.

I urge you to make her transition easier by showing her the same kindness which you showed me during my exile. Show her the warmth and generosity of which most Yankees are capable if they put their minds to it. Talk to her. Feed her. Take time to KNOW her (and I mean that in a nice way). You may come to realize that the Atlanta dudes are not so different as you think.

Take care of our little Nancy so that she will return to us happy and well. You have a chance to right the evils your people wrought upon mine. This is an awesome responsibility, and I hope you will do right by her for honor, God and country.


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