Monday, October 20, 2008

Yeah, I'm a sicko ... but it *is* Halloween!

I just got back from a lovely weekend jaunt to Tennessee. I had the opportunity to swing by the old hometown ... check out my old stomping grounds ... see some moo-cows.

I made it a point to go up to the cemetery and pay my respects to the grandparents. Well ... strictly speaking, the way I do it, it's not really "respect," but I did get a few good one-liners in. And I do miss them.

Eerily, I got to see where, sometime between now and 2056, I will be buried:

I even had a chance to try it out for comfort:

Turns out it's not like trying out a Posturpedic in the store. It was a little hard to get up and down. Fortunately, by the time I use it for real, "down" will be easy and "up" really won't be an issue. Long about that time, my Sleep Number will be infinity. Had really good back support, though ...


Rinkly Rimes said...

I wondered where you'd gone! Now I see you were 'dead'! Ho hum.

I'm going to copy your 'trying out for size' pic. I'm sure there's a poem in there somewhere!

Reid Andwright said...

The reports of my death were slightly exaggerated.

Keith said...

guess i decided the first time that it would be gauche to ask if there were still a space there for your mother- it looks to me like you're just leaving room for yer Pop.

Reid Andwright said...

Me mudda says she wants to be cremated. They can always toss the can in with me.